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A shipment means all documents or parcels that travel under one airway bill/docket, not just any single document and envelope included in a shipment. You certify that the shipment details are complete and accurate, and the shipment is properly marked. addressed and packed to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care in handing You agree that a shipments may be carried on transshipment allowed basis by any means including air ,road,sea, or any other carrier, unless you give us specific instruction to the contrary.


You appoint us global packers and movers here in after referred to as service provider ,including its associated group companies along with their agents as your agent to conduct customs entry and clearance and certify us as your consignee solely for the purpose of designating us as your customs broker to perform customs entry and clearance from customs and /or any other statutory body under given invoice.


We do not accept as a shipment anything that is considered a restricted article hazardous material by the Department of Transportation (DOT), international Air Transportation Association (lATA) or the International Civil Aviation Organisation (lCAO),any applicable government department or other relevant organisation


Even if you given us different payments instructions, you will always be primarily responsible for all charges, and all duties, customs assessment, governmental penalties and fines, taxes and our attorney fees and legal cost, related to this shipment, you, also, will be responsible for any, costs we may incur in returning your shipment to you or warehousing it pending disposition.All taxes such as GST, custom duties, warehousing charges, freight charges and other statutory payments levied on the shipments are to be borne by the Consignee and in his absence the same will be borne by the SHIPPER. gpm will not extend any credit for GST, custom duties, port charges, warehousing charges, freight charges and other statutory charges.


If you wish to submit a claim for a loss (includes mis delivered or damaged shipment, the shipper must: " Submit the claim in writing. Your Claim must be received within 30 days from the date that we accept your shipment. Please note: We will not review a claim until all shipment and any other related charges owed have been paid to us.


Your shipment may, at our option or at the request of Govermental authorities be opened and inspected by us or such authorities at any time.


We will make every effort to deliver your shipment according to our regular delivery schedules. We are not liable for and delays, even if they are our fault in : " Picking up a shipment. ,Transporting a shipment (including delays caused be diversions) Delivering a shipment We reserve the right, without admitting liability to refund transportation/shipping charges . But are not obligated to do so.


We are not liable If shipment is lost (includes misdelieved) or damaged because of Circumstances beyond our control. These circumstances includes: - An 'Act of God' for example and earthquake, cyclone, storm or flood - " 'Force Majeura' for example war, plane crash or embargo. - Any defect or characteristic to do with the nature of the shipment, even if known to us when we accepted it. - Any action or omission by anyone outside GPM for example: - " The sender of the shipment-The receiver - " An interested third part-Customs or government officials - " The postal service, another carrier of a third party who we contract to deliver to destination that was do not serve directly. We are not liable even If the sender did not ask for or know about a third party delivery agreement. We are also not liable for electrical or magnetic damage to, or erasure of, electronic or photographic images or recording.


We are not liable for the following, whether they arise in contract or any other form of civil action, including negligence, and even if they are our fault. " Consequential or special damages or loss " Other indirect loss "Breach or other contracts consequential damages or loss include, but are not limited to lost: " Income ,Profits , " Interest , Markets " Use of contents


Unless a grater Value for insurance is Declared in AWB our liability for lost or damaged shipment is limited to the lowest of these 3 amounts " INR 100-00 " The actual amount of loss or damage or " The actual value of the document or parcel. This does not include any commercial utility or special value to the shipper or any other person.


The lowest of the following amounts determined as the time and the place we accepted the shipment Documents (meaning any shipment without commercial value) ,The cost of replacing reconstructing or reconstituting the document. Parcel meaning any shipment with commercial value " The Cost of repairing or replacing the parcel or " The resale or fair market value of the parcel " The actual value of the parcel can not be more than the original cost to you plus 10 percent .CHARGEABLE WEIGHT . Every shipment shall be charged by its chargeable weight as defined here under and not the actual weight. The chargeable weight shall be higher of the actual weight rounded off to the next higher kg. as per the rate category agreed to Rates will be charged on the basis of dimensional weight or actual weight, whichever is higher. For shipments booked under Surface Network, dimensional weight will be calculated as follows: BYSURFACE 1 Cubic Foot (cft) = 10 kgs (LxBxH in feet = cubic feet measurement of the package) Cu.ft = 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm ------------------------------- 27000 BY AIR CALCULATION LENGTHXBREATHXHEIGHT IN CMS DIVIDED BY 5000


On this docket /waybill issued by us during booking we,our,us "gpm" refers to global packers and movers .You and yours refers to shipper /consignor/sender ,its employees ,principals and agents when you tender shipment to us ,you accept our terms and condition for you as mentioned on gpm non negotiable docket /waybill reverse and on our website www. global packers movers.com . you accept gpm terms and condition and is applicable when you track your consignment, shipment in our site and received estimate quotation against your inquiry by our mail id mail@global packers movers.com.The global packers & movers waybill is non negotiable and the shipper acknowledge that it has been prepared by shipper/consignor/sender or by gpm on behalf of the shippers the sender and for anyone else who has an expressed interest in the shipment no one has any authority to change any of our terms or condition or make any promises on our behalf .the terms & condition of this waybill shall govern in the event of any in consistencies that may exist in any other transportation documents parcel accompanying this shipments all shipment under gpm are carried at non negotiable waybill at owner risk and in case if this consignment contains anything of value company recommends insurance to be taken by sender/cosigner/shipper or by consignee(receiver)if he so desires at his own costs. gpm shall have the right to modify and or change the terms and conditions of this website along with the information and or contents thereof, without prior intimation and you agree to abide by such modified terms and conditions by using the website
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